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Alright, so my Easter was so relaxing and nice, everyone needs a 3 day weekend! Now here I am, an hour from the end of my workday, feeling HORRIBLE! I have a headache, my throat hurts, my back hurts…. Leaves you wondering am I coming down with something OR is it just the ‘Monday After a Holiday Blues’…. lol

I mean really, when I get home tonight, and curl up on the couch, am I still going to feel horrible or am I going to suddenly perk up, feeling SO much better because I’m home from work!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have A LOT to do at home. I spent the weekend working on wedding stuff, and so the housework has fallen behind. There are these beautiful laundry mountains that appear to be growing rapidly every day in our laundryroom. Really, there is only my fiance and I, but you would think based on the volume of laundry that there was atleast a family of 5 living in our house! I have to scale the mountains to get to the cleaning supplies so that OBVIOUSLY means I can’t handle mopping floors or dusting if I can’t get at the products to do so… Valid excuse in my book!

Then there’s the kitchen, oh the kitchen… I have a few factors against me in my quest to a clean kitchen at this time. The first is my fiance lol! I love the man, I do, and he’s a GREAT cook… but he’s like a tornado in the kitchen, one minute you can see the counter and the next it is covered with reminants and debris! Even worse is the dishes that LEAVE the kitchen… I ventured into his office one day to find plates just sitting around his computer, not to mention the cups! He has since moved his computer from his office down to the livingroom while working on business stuff more often so we actually see each other, which means that its more difficult for him to hide the mess!  Then there’s the pets… I swear the animals can destroy the kitchen in T minus 2 seconds! There are sometimes spots of things splattered on my wall that I’m not even sure of the origin…

So all that to say I  know I’ll be busy when I get home tonight and YET… here I am sitting at work, watching the clock and feeling crummy. Maybe I am getting something? Nope, not a possibility… I can’t afford to get sick right now! The house would fall apart, the wedding wouldn’t get planned… it would just be CHAOS at its finest! Lol! Yes, I exaggerate, but really things WOULD be a mess when I got back on my feet!

So here it is, a toast to feeling better! Hopefully starting in just 41 minutes…


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