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Alright, I haven’t gotten on here in awhile, but a big part of that was a great trip that I took to Columbus Ohio last weekend! It was a Leadership Conference that I had been looking forward to for WEEKS and am SO glad that I attended! Put on by the LIFE organization, this was a chance to learn new ways to approach your life and how to actively pursue the life that you want. One great new revelation was the release of the Mental Fitness Challenge, something that I can’t wait to pursue and update everyone here on!

Another speaker, Mark MacDonald, author of Body Confidence, gave a great talk about something that really hit home. You see I’ve been working out, and yet I seem to have hit a plateau. There’s this ‘pudge’ at my stomach area that no matter how much I count calories and workout, I can’t seem to get rid of… Well he’s what I learned.

Counting calories actually will not cause you to get into your best shape! You see, Mark taught us that the trick is to stabalize your blood sugar, and that in turn will trigger fat release and burning, where as a spiked blood sugar, or one that is too low, trigger the body to retain fat. He explained that the way to do this is to have 5-6 meals a day that are a balance of sugars, fats and proteins.

The example that he gave us was a morning snack. Most people when eating ‘healthy’ would opt for something simple, like an apple. Well that apple on its own will spike your blood sugar, therefore causing your body to retain fat as opposed to shedding it. If you partner that apple with cottage cheese and some almonds, you’ve included a balance of the different groups and therefore that will help you to lose weight.

I will admit, I haven’t yet read his book. They didn’t have any copies available on site, and although I have ordered it now, it does take time to arrive… so my knowledge of what he is teaching is based solely on a talk he gave for about an hour. That being said, I will be doing my grocery shopping tonight with a different plan in mind! Time to put this is motion and see if its the key to breaking through this wall and finally reaching the size I want before the big day!!!!


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