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Well, we had our first official interview last week at the Children’s Aid Society to discuss domestic adoption as well as the foster to adopt program. My fiance and I know for sure we’re sold on the 0-2 age frame, and learned the importance of considering the foster to adopt idea, just due to the low number of children that are actually legally in the care of CAS prior to the age of 2. We’ve been talking A LOT trying to decide how we feel about this, and the risks associated.

The big news though? Things are moving MUCH faster than we had originally planned. Rather than any further interviews at the CAS building with the workers there, we are moving right onto the Homestudy. The worker we met with last week said that the big goal would be to try to get us into the June classes, as the next round is running during the fall, and that would potentially conflict with the wedding/honeymoon.

So here I am, on a Friday night, working my butt off filling out paperwork and doing housework. Its funny how your house can be clean enough for you to not even blink an eye, but the second the idea of someone coming in specifically looking at your house comes up suddenly all this dirt you never saw before suddenly appears. I was washing the window frame in the kitchen earlier! Next stop – the bathroom walls!

The dogs are sitting here watching me thinking I’m absolutely insane. Seriously, if they could speak I would probably hear threats to call in the men in white, whose purpose would be to cart me off to the nice white room with the padded walls! Finally taking my first break and sharing my thoughts on here of the craziness that is my mind right now! I keep thinking ‘well what if this isn’t good enough’ or ‘what if I could have filled that question out better’. How does anyone ever get through this part of the process without completely losing their mind?

But on that note, back I go… the bleach products are coming out to make sure the microscopic pieces of filth on my bathroom walls see their last day…


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This post is about something that holds a special place in the hearts of many, the beginning of a family! This whole topic has been an emotional rollercoaster with my fiance and I! First I wasn’t sure I wanted kids, then thanks to my treatment for Ovarian Cancer I was told I couldn’t. This was a hard time in my life, and my fiance stood by my side through it all! Recently we decided that we were going to start looking into adoption as a means of growing our little family after the wedding.

I know its not a fast process by any means, and so why not start now, right? Well… we decided on domestic adoption, and made the first phone call putting the whole process in gear! I have had my first phone interview with one of the social workers, we’ve been through the information that they sent and are now setting up our first face to face interview.

This isn’t going to be an easy, no effort journey, I’m aware of that… and its definitely not one that’s here today, and done tomorrow, but we both feel SO strongly that this is what we are supposed to do! We are looking to adopt newborn, so there will be a wait, but that’s why we’re starting it 5 months before the wedding!!!

Now I find myself glued to Pinterest, checking out nurseries and home schooling options (that’s a topic for another day). Its funny how one simple phone call has started to shape our whole future!

So here’s the the journey!

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OK, so I know what many of you are thinking, SHE crochets?!??! I have actually gotten that reaction from friends in person on more than one occasion hahaha… truth is ya, I can and I do… BUT there is one thing that I have a bit of an obsession with. I LOVE making baby blankets! I gift them to friends all the time and just have a blast making them…. I love trying new patterns with each one, and seeing what I can come up with… its like some weird obsession.

Here are 3 different ones that I made in the last year or so:




Here’s the weirder part, the ‘withdrawal’ I am starting to get! You see, none of my friends are far enough in their pregnancy for me to know what they are having and get started on a new one, infact not many friends are expecting right now at all… Instead I am focusing on planning my wedding.

BUT planning a wedding doesn’t mean making baby blankets! Hahaha! I am doing ALL types of DIY projects for the wedding, and yet I still find myself looking up baby blanket patterns online… yep, its official! I am addicted!

I guess I’ll just have to be patient, a few more weeks and I’ll know what the next blanket I’m making is for… I just have to handle a few more weeks withdrawal… I can do this!

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