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Sometimes it seems life just kind of takes over and before you know it a week passes, a month passes. That’s been my life this last while, things have been CRAZY! Crazy good for the most part though, so that’s something!

I started getting more into the crocheting, something that I’ve always enjoyed. Doing so then lead to me opening my own Etsy site. That has been a fun adventure. I have been selling items there and on Facebook, and making money to put towards the wedding in the process. Its been a lot of fun! Some of the items include:

Click HERE To visit my Facebook store or HERE to visit my Etsy site and see more if you’re interested.

Then there’s the wedding side of life. I have officially assembled ALMOST all the invitations and am preparing to put them in the mail this week. Here is a photo of the finished product. I have blocked out our names, however didn’t bother with the resort information. Its a destination wedding, so that doesn’t really give away anything about us at all. Each invitation, when taken out of the little corner pocket, includes a ceremony card, a reception card, an RSVP card, a stamped return envelope and a card with our website which gives more info (including accomodations, travel, etc… more than many share due to the destination wedding aspect). These will be mailed in black envelopes. The return address is written on the back in white ink. On the front I have placed a white address label and written the addresses on them in red. I am SO happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to hear from our guests regarding what they think!

Besides that its been a lot of little planning. We recently made the choice to change our DJ so just working through the contract on that. Also working hard on getting in shape for the big day… but that’s a whole new blog post….


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OK, so I know what many of you are thinking, SHE crochets?!??! I have actually gotten that reaction from friends in person on more than one occasion hahaha… truth is ya, I can and I do… BUT there is one thing that I have a bit of an obsession with. I LOVE making baby blankets! I gift them to friends all the time and just have a blast making them…. I love trying new patterns with each one, and seeing what I can come up with… its like some weird obsession.

Here are 3 different ones that I made in the last year or so:




Here’s the weirder part, the ‘withdrawal’ I am starting to get! You see, none of my friends are far enough in their pregnancy for me to know what they are having and get started on a new one, infact not many friends are expecting right now at all… Instead I am focusing on planning my wedding.

BUT planning a wedding doesn’t mean making baby blankets! Hahaha! I am doing ALL types of DIY projects for the wedding, and yet I still find myself looking up baby blanket patterns online… yep, its official! I am addicted!

I guess I’ll just have to be patient, a few more weeks and I’ll know what the next blanket I’m making is for… I just have to handle a few more weeks withdrawal… I can do this!

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