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I set a goal for myself this weekend, that I was going to get done a certain list of wedding things, one of which was figuring out WHAT to do for our table numbers. You see, I knew we needed something that looked nice (or the family members that judge everything would notice) but at the same time I just couldn’t see myself spending $40 or $50 on some of the options you see out there for something that I knew would be thrown away at the end of the night… for something with such a short lived purpose…

SO the decision was I would figure out how to DIY something that would work. I started googling for pictures, to get some ideas flowing, as well as googling images with searches like ‘free wedding flourish’ or ‘free rose corner’ to find images I could use. At the end of the day I think what I ended up with not only works, but looks great AND… the best part… cost me approximately $5 for all 30!!!!


I shared this photo with a few friends on The Knot and they loved it as much as I did! I had a few questions asking about how to do it (especially at that cost) and so I decided this was another one of those projects that needed a ‘How to’ on here for any brides that are looking to save money during this planning process!!!

So… I started with a few basic supplies. I picked up packets of cardstock on sale at Michaels, although the whole packs weren’t needed, for 30 numbers I only needed 8 sheets of each of 2 colours (black and white in my case). I also picked up some packs of binder clips and a roll of ribbon from the local dollar store. I also used a glue gun and double sided tape (which was from the dollar store as well) to put it all together. Image

I started by designing the table numbers themselves. Now this depends on what program you are comfortable with! I  know many of you likely use photoshop and similar programs, but I’m not all that computer savvy so I tend to stick to Powerpoint because that just makes sense to me! I formatted the slide to be a standard 8.5×11 page (under the Design tab I clicked on Page Setup). Here I created 4 rectangles in a light grey so I had guides to cut it later. I used an image from google and the font Abigail, which came with the program. I just printed these onto the white cardstock sheets.


After having them printed I used a papercutter in order to cut each of them out. I then measured the individual little squares (just one, after all they were all the same size now) and then figured out the measurements to create black squares that would be just 1/4 inch larger on each of the 4 sides giving it a border. I also cut these out using the papercutter.



I attached them using the double sided tape. The reason is that the glue doesn’t sit completely flat, but the double sided tape gives it that professional looking appearance in my views. Spray adhesive would likely work the same way. Next step was the bases. Take a binder clip and cut a small piece of ribbon just slightly larger than the width of one side of the binder clip. Using the glue gun put a dot of glue on the end of the ribbon and glue it inside the clip roughly in the middle. You’ll need to open the clip to put this in place. Then repeat on the other side, giving the binder clip a nice strip of colour. Becareful not to close the binder clips on your fingers, I did many times and it begins to hurt after awhile!



After that has had a chance to dry in place, clip the binder clip centered on the bottom of each of your table numbers and then remove the little silver arms from the clip. These can be thrown out as you won’t need them. You’re left with cheap and easy table numbers! My apologies for the bad cellphone pictures, its what I had when I was working on them!!!!

I hope that this helps atleast one of you out there! Good luck in your planning and all your DIY projects, and keep posted, I might have some more cheap/easy projects to share in the near future!

Also, HAPPY EASTER to all of you!!!!


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