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OK, so I know what many of you are thinking, SHE crochets?!??! I have actually gotten that reaction from friends in person on more than one occasion hahaha… truth is ya, I can and I do… BUT there is one thing that I have a bit of an obsession with. I LOVE making baby blankets! I gift them to friends all the time and just have a blast making them…. I love trying new patterns with each one, and seeing what I can come up with… its like some weird obsession.

Here are 3 different ones that I made in the last year or so:




Here’s the weirder part, the ‘withdrawal’ I am starting to get! You see, none of my friends are far enough in their pregnancy for me to know what they are having and get started on a new one, infact not many friends are expecting right now at all… Instead I am focusing on planning my wedding.

BUT planning a wedding doesn’t mean making baby blankets! Hahaha! I am doing ALL types of DIY projects for the wedding, and yet I still find myself looking up baby blanket patterns online… yep, its official! I am addicted!

I guess I’ll just have to be patient, a few more weeks and I’ll know what the next blanket I’m making is for… I just have to handle a few more weeks withdrawal… I can do this!


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